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Service Description: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is considering a request from Vermillion Gold, Inc., for negotiated metallic mineral leases. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has authority to negotiate metallic mineral leases under circumstances that are described in Minnesota Rule 6125.0600. All state metallic mineral leases, including negotiated leases, must be approved by the State Executive Council (Minnesota Rule 6125.0600). The GIS requested areas for lease are mapped to the PLS forty and government lot. When there is no match to the PLS forty or government lot in the PLS40 layer, a record is then matched to the PLS section layer. These layers merge the DNR Control Point Generated PLS layer (PLS40) with land records stored in the DNR's Land Record System (LRS) in Oracle. The data are limited to a forty, government lot, or section level representation. Attribute data has been added regarding DNR's section level environmental and land use screening of the 25 areas. Additionally added was the general surface owner in each area. The majority of these are state surface though there is some private-commercial.

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Service Item Id: 72fdfb7c81c34432a2a6adc712d753d3

Copyright Text: DNR

Spatial Reference: 26915  (26915)

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